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What I specialize in

My passion is communication. I am a native trilingual interviewer & presenter. The past 17 years I have built a broad and extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Hosted prestigious and important business events. I hosted TV and Radio shows.

My MBTI profile is ENFJ.

I am a trained weather forecaster and sustainability expert (co-creation, development, fashion, tourism). Climate and our environment are my passion and I consider myself to be a sustainability evangelist. Helping clients and organizations to communicate clear and strong about their efforts to be more sustainable and looking for future opportunities is my mission. There is no business or organization that doesn’t want to make a change towards a durable future.

How did I get where I am?

I did a VRT screentest and the rest is history. No seriously, I really passed that screentest and started as a presenter on Belgian National TV.

What I do?

1. I host shows on TV, radio and welcome you as master of ceremony during business events online and offline.

2. I train employees of companies (beauty, fashion and lifestyle) to increase and boost the online visibility of their brand through better communication on social media.

3. I coach professionals to unlock their hidden potential when they have to appear in front of the camera or when they have to answer to the press and journalists. Together we train and enhance their public speaking skills.

4. As a mentor for entrepreneurs I help them to discover their ‘Entrepreneurial DNA’ and share their journey in my online talk show “Wondernemers”.

5. Empowering women through soft networking events “Ladies who lunch”.

What I love about my job?

Everything. I like the fact that I work with innovative companies. I have the freedom to work with diverse people and initiatives. I have the opportunity to create events, shape conversations and translate ideas into a narrative.

What’s challenging about my job?

When you organize an event, talk about new topics or create sustainable communication that disrupts a status quo, you encounter excitement but also challenges. People have certain expectations. You have to understand what can actually be done in the present reality. Sometimes you need to push people out of their comfort zone and this can be challenging.

My clients?

Deloitte, VRT, Fondation Yves Rocher, Liantis, City of Brussels, Nostalgie Radio, Roularta, Astana, L’Oréal, RTBF, Voted Product of the Year, TV Limburg, UEFA, Gondola, Kanaal Z, Xerius, Gaia, VIER, Nationale Loterij, Bocuse d’Or, Chanel, Bank van Breda, Telenet, … .

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